Stay Connected Through Storytime

Giving distanced members of a family the opportunity to interact with child via story-time recordings/live readings accessed on Progeny.

Free Storytime Audio Recording

  • Free to read children's storybooks
  • Record yourself reading a story
  • Save your audio recordings to your Progeny profile
  • Download your audio recordings locally


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Time spent together during storytime gives us small moments, memories, that will last a lifetime. Distance can hinder this bond, but with Progeny you can still create those moments together.

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Early reading builds a strong foundation for our youth to learn new ways to think about the world they live in. Reading to them young and read to them often will support this journey.

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Reading is an imaginative experience that takes us to far away places, alternate realities, and worlds. Explore with your child and help them see these imaginative places with your best character impressions.