Meet Our Team

A professional portrait of Mitchel Sandidge

Mitchel Sandidge

Web Developer

I enjoy the challenge of solving real world problems by writing clean and efficient code. I pride myself in having the ability in being able to learn quickly, making it easier to keep up with the ever-growing design and development trends. I face every opportunity with confidence, eager to put my skills to the test.

A professional portrait of Taryn McKenzie

Taryn McKenzie

Web Developer

As a Marine Corps veteran and Savannah College of Art and Design alumni, I have an extensive background in multimedia production and interactive design. I find the greatest joy in working within a collaborative team. In a team environment, I excel at seeing the bigger picture; guiding and helping others towards the ultimate goal.

A professional portrait of Johnny Delgado

Johnny Delgado

Web Developer

As a Marine Corps veteran, I have strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. I'm good at learning on the go and can adapt to almost any environment. I am very confident in my skills as a software developer which would help complete any task brought before me.